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Two down, two to go! Samuli's page updated.


Damn! The most embarrassing thing a webmaster can do is to talk about future greatness and deliver nothing (promises, promises). Well, the site is great as it is (right?), but I said there would more. This has been more of a Crash archive than an actively updated site for years now, but breaks like this are inexcusable; sorry about that. I'm not giving up, though. is my dear little project! :)

The one thing I wanted to bring you when I finally updated the site was the questionnaire part of the band section, but unfortunately, I still haven't received anwers from 3/4 of the band. I'll try to get the rest as soon as possible.


Welcome to the new and improved! This is a major update, though not as great as I wanted it to be (time always seems to become an issue, no matter how long you prepare an update). Some stuff is missing and will come back soon. I didn't even have time to test the site properly, so try to grin and bare it for a while.


Well, it's new. Expect some fine-tuning - or maybe even bigger changes - because I hate the logo and I'm not too crazy about the colours, either.


On each band member's page, there's a questionnaire the band kindly promised to answer. So far, only Samuli Jokinen has replied, but I will upload the other answers as soon as I get them. I was asked to archive the old Finnish biography from, which is here now. Ex-members have their own little page as well.


There is some more information on almost every CD (including release dates) and loads of promos were added. Pretty interesting stuff for collectors, go see. Promos are now separated from singles. Videos features vidcaps.

I alphabetized every Crash song and wrote something about each of them to Songlist. It might not be very interesting if you know everything about the band, but see for yourself.