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Samuli Haataja

Questionnaire answered in 2007.

Samuli HaatajaBasic info

Instrument(s): Fender Precision -78, Gibson EB3 (bass)
Härkämäen Haataja (I was born in an East Europe style sub named Härkämäki)
Date of birth:
Place of residence:
Shoe size:
biologist, high school teacher
musician and teacher
scuba diving, song writing, photography

Some of your all-time favourite...

Bands: U2, Neil Young, Tom Waits, AC/DC
Joshua Tree (U2), Harvest (Neil Young), Sword Fish Trombone (Tom Waits), The Razors Edge (AC/DC), Hypnotize (System of A Down)
I’ve got so many favorites… The song that last really caught me was Bouncing off Clouds by Tori Amos.
Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky), Mercier et Camier (Samuel Becket), Moskov-Petushki (Venedikt Erofejev), The Silent World (Jaqcues Cousteau)
Films & TV shows:
All Stanley Kubrick films, documentary films like ‘When we were kings’ and British comedies a’la Monty Python and Sasha Baron Cohen. I don’t watch TV – except Late Night With Conan O’Brien.
Foods & drinks:
Cognac and black rum. My favorite food… dare I say… pizza!
Board games:

You and The Crash

Dearest Crash song: Big Ass Love and Oh What a Thing are the coolest to play with bass. My favorite melody is Sugared.
Most memorable concert/tour:
It always feels like the last ones are the best. Well I’ll say Ruisrock 2007 anyway.
Best moment with the band:
Tour in Finland after Pony Ride, recordings of Melodrama, touring in Germany and Sweden after Wildlife, touring in Austria after Comfort Deluxe… They are too many to say one. But the best collection of memories and feelings are from the days before we made our first album. Don’t mean to say it’s not been nice since the first album, but there is just something powerful, beautiful and romantic in a young band dreaming of success. Hope you understand ; )
Worst moment with the band:
Definitely the times when we have missed our plane on way back home from tour or showcase (or there has been some other delay). Waiting, waiting and waiting is the no1 bad side in this profession. And unfortunately the easiest way to overcome boredom is to… have fun ; )
Favourite cover song you have played:
Enola Gay
Where you see the band in a few years:
In total darkness, that is, on tour abroad. Man, I have to get a hobby I can do while on tour. My doctor says so.


Pets: Dogs
Pet peeves:
Slow starts. I hate slow action when it’s time to act.
Your hero:
Ordinary people
What’s on your mouse pad:
A book (Franz Kafka, Selected Stories)
Other instruments you play:
Classic guitar
Music gear:
I have a small studio at home

Say something nice about JJ: JJ is real musician! I’ve come to a conclusion that there must be about an apple sized mysterious formation in his brains that makes him hear notes and rhythms as the rest of us see colors. Relaxed guy, Wonderful but dangerous company on tour. Unlike keyboard players usually, JJ carries his own instruments, is always on time and doesn’t drink cider. That’s a real bonus.