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Hi there. I just want you to know – in case somebody is reading this – that the site will get a major update at some point in the future. Don't stop believin'!


Here are two real treasures I've possessed for ages now, but wanted to save for a great big update: Teemu Brunila's questionnaire answers and Christian Stieg's much requested tabs for Pony Ride! I'm sure all you guitar heroes give Christian the respect he deserves.

A couple of things I'd like to add when I have time (believe me, time is even scarser than before):

1) A section for Teemu's other songwriting work.

2) Articles, an important part of this site when it was young. I have a rather large archive of interviews and such from 1999 to 2001, but if you would like to scan or even type newer articles, that would be great. Oh, and pictures really are needed!

Those and other nice things will follow... in the future. I spent many, many hours working on last autumn, so I'm sad to see that project is still unfinished in 2010.


The forum was updated to phpBB3 and moved to I didn't remove the old version just yet (neither did I update the menu link), in case some problems occur. As I understand it, users must reset their passwords when logging on for the first time. If you have forgotten what email address you used, contact me and I'll try to find it out. Report any other problems the same way.

Updates are coming, but please send me some photos!


The Crash have kept quiet lately, and now we know why: the band are quitting. This news saddens me both as a fan and as the webmaster, as I have had great times both following the band and creating this website. Thank you for the past ten years, The Crash!

What does this mean to, then? As frequent visitors know, in the last years this has not been the news service it once was, and now - for unfortunate reasons - even the need to be one is gone. The site is not going anywhere, though: it will serve as an archive of everything The Crash related. And I want to make it more complete! I'm asking for your help:

- Send pictures! The gallery is the most out-of-date part of this site and could use new content in all sections: promotional, magazine and live photos, that is. Edit the photos if you wish (or I'll just give them the old "Auto Levels, Auto Color" treatment), but send them with a decent image size if possible. Use sendspace, RapidShare or somesuch, because my mailbox isn't very big.

- Send links to interviews, reviews etc.

- Reviving the forum to its past glory seems impossible, but please discuss!

- Tabs to Pony Ride... Anyone?

The tour section was updated. See you at the goodbye gigs!

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